Tutor Experience Questions
Do you believe that presentations within different divisions of your school or organization better your own presentational speaking skills? If so, how?
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What resources or technological platforms have you learned as a result of being a writing fellow? How has implementation of these skills within your own academic career broadened your linguistic ability?
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How has your style of tutoring evolved as a result of tutoring?
If you answered b. or c. to the previous question, what change in your technique made the most impact?
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How do people usually respond when you tutor them?
If applicable, how was your experience tutoring Global Scholar students?
What was the most rewarding aspect of participating in the Writing Fellows program?
Which of these most closely matches your motivation for tutoring?
How has peer tutoring changed your opinion about asking others for assistance? (i.e. Do you feel more comfortable asking others for help now that you have experienced what it is like to help others?)
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What is the most difficult concept to translate to students when tutoring? (Voice, style, grammar, literary devices, plot summary vs. analysis)
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What was your greatest challenge tutoring?
Do you plan on taking a tutoring job in college? If so, how has being a writing fellow influenced that decision?
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