Greetings folks. Please read the following description before proceeding.

The sole purpose of this SVC campaign is to create a start - up ecosystem in the college and encourage students to bring up their ideas and develop them into successful enterprises.

We at E-Cell, VJTI believe that there's a lot of untapped potential amongst our students. We want to bring this potential to the surface and help the students fine tune it. We are looking for students with business ideas and/or are intersected in creating a start-up of their own , etc and help them connect with our valued alumni who will mentor these students towards success.

We will be conducting the following workshops -

1. Idea Generation
Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, Idea Validation, Understanding the Customer,Feedback Approach,How to connect with right people.

2. Team Management
How to hire the right team and effectively manage it, Human Resources.

3. Legalities
Indian Context, Global Aspects.

4. Pitching
Structure an effective creative pitch presentation, how to answer questions that are critical, handle objections in a tactful way.

5. Finance
Accounts Management, Fund Raising.

6. Marketing
Branding and Digital Marketing.

Students who are interested in participating are requested to fill the the form. Remember, your participation is the key for success of this campaign.

There'll be a certification provided , if you attend all the above mentioned seminars , to acknowledge your completion of this course.

Thank-you, You may now proceed.

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