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The SSSI Mentoring Program brings together mentors (those sharing their knowledge and experience) with mentees (those seeking knowledge, experience, insights and awareness about the profession) in the Australian Geospatial Industry - surveying and spatial professionals, the custodians of quality spatial data creation and management.

Please review the detailed information about the program prior to completing this application form - see

This mentee application form is for someone wishing to be mentored by someone with surveyor/spatial industry experience. If you would instead like to apply to be a mentor, please visit: [ insert link here ].

Hints and Tips:
- Input your email address carefully, be sure to input the address you intend to use for the length of the program.
- The matching process considers the multiple-choice preferences you give in answers at the beginning of the matching process to quickly pre-match mentor-mentee pairs who have similar requirements (Gender, Location, and Discipline), before progressing to the paragraph answers towards the end of the form for those who cannot be pre-matched using the multiple-choice preferences. Because of this, please put extra effort into your written answers and include details that are not covered in the multiple-choice questions.
Email address *
Your first name *
Your last name *
Your age *
Your gender *
Your region *
Outside of Australia means you will not be in Australia for the duration of the program
Your city *
Your chosen stream? *
Your discipline *
This is your area of study and experience, you may select more than one
Your student status *
Your work status *
Your preferred mentor gender *
Your preferred mentor region *
Your preferred mentor discipline *
This is the area of experience you would prefer your mentor to have. Keep in mind that mentoring is not about educating you on the technical details of how to perform a role, rather mentoring is about soft skills and self management. you may select more than one.
Your official position description *
Please include your work title, and a short description about the role (if you have not worked, please write 'NOT CURRENTLY WORKING' and then write the job title and short description of the role you would like to move into within the near future) (maximum 200 words).
Describe your work experience *
Please provide a short paragraph about your work history (maximum 200 words); if you have not worked, please answer 'N/A')
Do you have any particular preferences for a mentor? *
(maximum 200 words) This question becomes IMPORTANT when we are not able to match you according to your other preferences - please provide a detailed explanation about the mentor you are looking for. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a mentor meeting your description will be available for you in the program, and you may be paired with someone who may not align with your preferences but is available. Additionally, if you have a particular person in mind and have made a mutual agreement, please provide their name, place of study/work and email address here so we can match you directly with them.
Are there any significant periods of time during 2020 that you will be unavailable for participation in the program (2 weeks or more) due to high workload, travel that will limit access to the internet, etc.? *
If we are unable to find you a mentor who meets your requirements, what would you prefer to happen? *
Describe your volunteering experience in brief *
Please provide a short paragraph (maximum 300 words) about your volunteering experience (if you have not been a volunteer, please write what you would be interested in volunteering in)
I understand that, due to the program operating on a national scale, the mentor assigned to me based on my preferences may not be local to me. In this case, I am happy to proceed with taking part in the program, conducting meetings via phone call or teleconference. *
This program operates on a national scale, aiming to strengthen the industry as a whole. This allows mentors and mentees to be paired with their preferred matches based on technical and work experience preferences, gender preferences, etc. If you are not matched with a mentor local to you, fortnightly mentor-mentee meetings will be conducted using phone calls, Skype, Zoom teleconferencing or similar as face-to-face meetings will not be convenient.
I understand that this program focusses on soft skills (not technical skills), and does not have any work experience or internship components. *
I have the time capacity and agree to this commitment for each fortnight for the length of the program, as described below? *
This program requires a time commitment of 1.5 hours per fortnight for mentees, which will be spent completing the pre-meeting survey for the assigned topic, arranging a time and date to meet with your mentor, and completing the post-meeting survey for the assigned topic. These tasks are to be completed within each assigned fortnight.
I understand that, in order to meet the program requirements and graduate from the program, I need to meet with my mentor for all 6 topics and complete the post-meeting survey for these topics, within the timeframes required. *
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