Survey on Sustainable Development
This survey is used to investigate the knowledge on sustainable development.
Its results will be used to carry out research on "The idea of sustainable development in public opinion" held at the University of Agriculture in Krakow and the UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland

mail contact: m.dacko; piotr.prus

1. How often do you meet with the concept of "sustainable development"? *
2. Are you familiar with the concept of sustainable development? Could you briefly describe this idea?
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3. Do you think sustainable development is possible? *
4. Do you think sustainable development is needed? *
5. Who do you think is the main recipient of the idea of sustainable development and should take care of its implementation? *
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6. Do you think today's world is developing in a sustainable way? *
7. Do you think your country is currently growing in a sustainable way? *
8. Do you think the place where you live (village, town, city) is currently developing in a sustainable way? *
9. Do you think your family is functioning in a sustainable way? *
10. Have you met during your education with the concept of sustainable development? *
11. If "yes" and if it’s possible, please specify on what course(s)
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12. Do you personally try to live in accordance to the principles of sustainable development? *
13. If "yes” please write what exactly you do in this regard?”?
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14. Please indicate which of the following concepts you most associate with sustainable development *
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Information about the Respondent
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Current place of living *
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Current university education level *
Semester *
Please specify the semester you are on from your current degree studies. E.g. if you are a student studying for a second degree (Master's or equivalent), do not count semesters from your undergraduate studies (first degree - Bachelor's or equivalent), but only the one from your current course
Faculty *
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