2018 Dual-Tri Event Request Form
With all non-invitational home meets and away duals I'm open to event requests, though sometimes I need to see athletes in different events and to provide quality in different events. So I make the final call, but many times I talk to athletes about changing events at practice and forget to make changes because i talk to so many students, so you can make your requests and please if we talked about a change to you in an event, then fill out this form before the entry deadline so I can make the change. This is for STUDENTS, not parents, to make requests, they need to own this sport and talk to me about it.
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What events do you want to add, change, or not do? If you want to drop an event, please say so as well, but understand that Coach Walters might still ask you to do it. If you have a relay you want to run with others, please put their names down too. *
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