Help Us Name Our New Colourways!
We've created these four gorgeous new colourways but... oh, naming them is the hardest part! Can you help us out with any suggestions?
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Ok, I want to know what you think of these colours!
Will you rate them for me please? *
Loooove it!!!
It's pretty
Not so much
Nah, don't like it
Colourway 1
Colourway 2
Colourway 3
Colourway 4
We're doing a special Inagural Dyeing Day for these colourways!
It will probably be Tues Nov 12 and we'll be working with a limited number of bases. If you were to place an order for us to dye some for you that day, what types of yarns would you most like? *
Any other thoughts?
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Thank you so much for your help!
Now hit submit and be sure to look for the link for the Early Access List...
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