The Great (but not too long) Questionnaire of 2017
Please let me know what you think of This is totally anonymous, and your honest answers are appreciated! Thank you in advance!
How long have you been a reader of "A Peek at Karen's World?"
How do you usually keep up-to-date with new posts?
What kinds of posts do you like to read on blogs IN GENERAL?
What kinds of posts do you most enjoy on THIS BLOG?
What kinds of posts do you like least on THIS BLOG?
In addition to this blog, do you follow me on any other social media?
If yes, on which of the following platforms do you follow me? (Select all that apply.)
If you do not follow me on social media, why not?
Do you like the general layout of this blog?
What would you like to see more or less of here on the blog? If you don't like the layout, please let me know what isn't working for you. Any other feedback you have. Thanks!
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