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We are glad that you want to join our introduction period and are excited to introduce you to the sport and the Dutch student life. It’s a great way to get to know Dutch students and become acquainted with a new sport, or remain your lacrosse skills while abroad. Besides practices, we also organize social activities. Our club exists since 2013 and consists of two women's teams and one men's team. The two women's teams, and hopefully our men's team this year as well, play in the national competition.
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Introduction period
The introduction month will start on the 2nd of September and in this month you will be able to get to know the sport, our club and the members. Besides, some social activities like a bbq and 'borrel' will be organized. None of the practices or activities are mandatory but we just want to give you enough opportunities to find out whether the sport and our club suits you.

The scheme of this month can be found below. The girls practice on the hockey field behind the tennis court at the USC (Einsteinweg 6) and the guys practice on the soccer field just before the canteen. If you will join a practice, please try to bring shoes with spikes (like hockey shoes) and a mouthguard which can be found in every sport store.

The introduction period will cost you just 20 euros and for this you'll get a BBQ, pub-crawl, practices and a souvenir reminding you of this period. You can transfer this money to NL98 RABO 1478634863 to L.L.V. Leicrosse. Please mention your name and 'introduction period' in the description. If you don't have a Dutch bank account or are not able to transfer money digitally, please contact our treasurer via for an alternative payment method.
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