The House of Paragon - Spiritual Family
Thanks for your interest in The House of Paragon! We take pride in developing safe spaces for artistic and spiritual growth for young adults in the Black + LGBTQ+ communities, and are welcome for individuals to join through faith-based service! We're so excited to launch our first virtual experience, and hope to attract more high-vibrational leaders- like you, to become part of our organization.

There is only one race, and that is the Human Race. There is no competition when you authentically strive for excellence.

Embodying a Paragon means that you are also ready to be the perfect example for others to follow.
Let’s strive for excellence! 


The House of Paragon is a Networking platform & Transformational Academy specializing in Health & Wellness. We emerged in 2019 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which became a gateway to connect via travel, social media, collaborations, and divine intervention. Our family is diverse in physical and spiritual bodies, and welcome you to come with us this Season to Build our new story!


Our leaders, members, supporters, and family strive daily to become the perfect example to follow in their fields, and we are always on the lookout for aspiring leaders who are unafraid to take action! 
Think of Jesus' relationship to God and His journey leading up to his Ministry-- He was/is the paragon to His 12 Disciples...


The House of  Paragon specializes in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment and the Creative Arts— incorporating life-skills and valuable instructional materials throughout our Nomadic Learning Academy [LifeUniversity] and Semi-Annual Live Performances, Showcases, Events & Competitions!  We take pride in providing a safe space for the evolution and promotion of Spiritual/Artistic expression specifically from men in the African-American LGBTQ+ Community.


 to uniquely express their authenticity and vulnerability.


to willfully surrender our minds, bodies, and soul through trusting in God's alignment, only pursuing peace and prosperity-- On purpose.

December 2023 Affirmation
Never give up, never quit; you can not.
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We are currently Accepting New Members for the 1st Quarter of the 2024 Season. Returning Members must check email for any updates regarding membership, fees, meetings/appointments, and payment deposits. 

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Application Updated Thursday. December 14, 2025
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