Tote2Vote Ambassador Program Application
The Tote2Vote Ambassador program will empower you to take action and be an advocate for The Tote Project mission.  Learn more at

The mission of the Tote2Vote Project is to help eliminate voter suppression by providing voters with basic nourishment needed to sustain long wait periods, education on how to overcome draconian restrictions and issues with transportation that complicate, weaponize, and often make it impossible to exercise ones right to vote.

We believe that many African Americans are aware of their voting power. Our goal is to build and strengthen the already strong Black vote and empower the vulnerable in the path of voter suppression.

The Tote2Vote Ambassador Program allows you to raise awareness, and make money (receive a commission of 10% on transactions) when your promotion link is used to purchase Tote2Vote merchandise.  You will receive monthly payouts via PayPal by the 15th business day.

We will provide links to graphics you can download and use to post on social media to raise awareness.

What's unique is that anyone can become a Tote2Vote Ambassador — there's no age requirement.  

Join the Tote2Vote Ambassador Program today.  Earn extra money selling tote bags, art, and more through our Tote2Vote marketing program.
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