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Your input will help CRESCYNT (Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network) convey the needs of multidisciplinary coral reef research to EarthCube, and prioritize tools for a test platform. THANK YOU!

What are your FAVORITE TOOLS for data collection, storage, management, analysis, visualization, mapping, collaboration, etc.?
Please tell what you use each tool for: "Software X for Y Purpose" (e.g., data cleaning, reformatting, conversions, initial eyeballing, particular analyses, annotating graphs, electronic notebook functions, initial database, long-term database...).
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What are your UNFAVORITE TOOLS in these areas - ones you have to use but don't like?
Software - Purpose - and: What do you dislike about these?
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Are there any other tools you rely on?
Anything not already on your "FAVORITE" or "UNFAVORITE" lists? Going for completeness here....
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What are your GREATEST NEEDS for science tools in these areas?
Describing the PROBLEMS and GAPS you encounter, in addition to functions wished for, is very helpful!
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Contact Info
(an email address would be great - thank you!)
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If you have time, we would also love to have your USE CASE - a fuller description of your research and its "pain points" - at .

All of your input is very valuable, and will help inform EarthCube data architectures under development. THANK YOU!

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