2020-2021 Club & Organization Recognition Form
All clubs and organizations must compete a club re-recognition each academic year. Complete this form by Wednesday, September 9th to have your organization recognized by the university this 2020-2021 year.

Recognized clubs who maintain good standing will be listed on the Marywood University website and app, may host meetings, events, fundraisers, and service projects, can advertise on campus, and may ask for funding through the Student Government Association (as long as they are not a selective organization).

Clubs & Organizations should not plan on hosting in-person meetings and events prior to the meeting on Wednesday 9/9 so we can go over safety guidelines, regulations, and booking procedures. Please only meet virtually in the meantime.

Please email marywoodclubs@marywood.edu if you have any questions!
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REQUIREMENTS TO BE A RECOGNIZED STUDENT ORGANIZATION (RSO): (1) Maintain a minimum of 4 active members and 1 faculty/staff advisor (2) A minimum of 2 members of each club must attend the mandatory virtual Club & Organization Meeting (Wed, 9/19 at 3pm), (3) Complete one service activity each semester, (4) Complete a mid-semester check-in (Google form), and (5) Complete an End of Semester Report. IF ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE MET: (1) Organization may hold meetings, events, service projects & fundraisers, (2) Be listed on the Marywood website and app, (3) Advertise on campus, (4) Have a Marywood bank account (if needed), and (5) May request funding from the Student Government Association (SGA). Please provide an electronic signature below if you agree to the specified terms and conditions. *
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