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Thanks for your interest in scheduling the Physics Bus! In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we will be requiring all visitors that board the bus wear masks and sanitize their hands before and after touching exhibits.
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Please indicate two or three possible dates. If this information is not finalized, please give a best estimate. The Physics Bus operates from April through October. Our ideal availability is Tues/Thurs any time between 8am and 12pm. However, if your needs cannot be met during those times we can work with you.
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The physics bus rate is $400 for a two-hour gig and $100 every hour thereafter. Rates may be subsidized through funding for minority, rural, low-income or otherwise undeserved populations that can show us some proof of this status.
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Please indicate the address of building where the bus is to be parked. (Mailing Address) (Please note: 25 miles round trip are included in the fee- there is an additional fee of $2.27 per mile after 25)
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