Sign up your item. Forest Grove Nov 3 Repair Fair.
Please enter one item at a time with this form. Because of the popularity repair events we limit attendees to TWO (2) items per event. The information on this form helps volunteer fixers diagnose repair issues and needed replacement parts or tools beforehand. Be as descriptive as possible and email a photo to

This form does NOT guarantee a repair or a spot at the front of the line. The event registration is still first come first. PLEASE NOTE - volunteers have various skill sets. They will choose items based on their skill and comfort levels with that type of item. Although we try to move items through as they arrive, things don't always work that way.

Please WASH CLOTHING and VACUUM, DUST OFF AND WIPE DOWN items as best you can before bringing them to the fair. Volunteers fixers and coordinators are all volunteers - creating this cool community event with their own personal time and resources. WAIT TIMES MAY VARY but be prepared for an hour or more. Bring a sense of curiosity, patience and a DIY attitude and let's get some things fixed!

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