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Apply to share your story in the Handmade Seller magazine! Each month we feature several sellers who want to share their story or offer advice and inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs. We have multiple ways to get featured and this application will help us find a great spot for you!
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Tell us the story of how you got started! The more detail the better!
Have you overcome any adversities or achieved something that you're really proud of? Examples: landing a big contract, overcoming a failure, ect. List as many things as you want!
What major skills have you learned that have really impacted your business? Please be specific and list as many things as you want!
What advice would you give to other sellers who are looking to grow their business?
Since our businesses are an exact reflection of ourselves, we often talk openly about how we've all had to grow personally in order to grow our businesses. What are the biggest areas in your life that you've had to grow in or are still trying to grow in? Did you have to get over a fear of rejection? A tendency to procrastinate? Getting blocked by overwhelm, ect.?
Running a business can be crazy at times, have you ever had something funny, strange, or goofy happen while running your business? Examples: funny customer communication, shocking custom order requests, legal battles, craft fair disasters, strange reviews, ect.
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