Take the Pledge to Lock Your Meds
Ease of access is the #1 reason youth misuse prescription drugs—75 percent of opioid misuse starts with using medication that wasn’t prescribed for them-usually taken from a friend or family member. A national study indicated that 29 percent of parents with children 18 years-of-age and younger report storing medications safely in the home-in a latched or locked location. We can do better. Together, we can achieve 100%. Locking up medications is easy and important. For your kids' sake, pledge to lock your meds!
Ease of Access is the #1 Reason Youth Misuse Prescription Drugs
For My Kids' Sake, I Pledge To Lock My Meds
To complete the pledge: read each statement, check the boxes, submit your pledge and choose to spread the word by posting a picture of you and/or your pledge to social media, tag a friend, #PledgeforLife
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