Application form for the purchase of additional uniform / 追加ユニホームお申込フォーム
Explanation for the application for additional items of uniform.
For additional purchases of shirts, please allow one month to deliver as we need to arrange for the name to be printed.
We will send you an invoice via Square. Please pay upon receipt.

<Team uniform price (tax included)>
Shirt (Including child's name print fee)  ¥4,600
Short pants (S size or less)¥3,100
Short pants(M size or more)¥3,500
Socks ¥1,300


シャツ(お名前印刷代含む) ¥4,600
ショートパンツ S以下  ¥3,100
ショートパンツ M以上  ¥3,500
ソックス ¥1,300
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Name of Parent or Guardian 保護者氏名 *
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Child's name 会員氏名 *
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Application for the purchase of additional uniform 追加ユニフォームのお申し込み
Please check the box of the item you would like to purchase.
For those that would like to purchase a shirt with the name on, please specify the name you would like to add.

Size of rugby shirt ユニフォームシャツのサイズ
Name on rugby shirt ユニフォームシャツに表記するお名前
(1)First name/s or nickname/s you would like put on the shirt/s in capital letters. (2)You can enter up to a maximum of 20 letters (please note that longer names will appear smaller). ①表記させて頂きますご希望のお名前(ファーストネームのみ)またはニックネームを、アルファベットの大文字でご指定ください。②最大20文字までお入れできますが、文字数が多くなりますと1つの文字サイズが小さくなります。
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Size of short pants ショートパンツのサイズ
Sock size ソックスのサイズ
Any inquiries お問い合わせ
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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