Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Application
Please read the following before proceeding with your application!

There are 3 different tracks in the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant:
1) Infrastructure track
2) Innovation track
3) Research track

The Infrastructure track is for BUIDLers who wish to create development tools, SDKs, mining toolkits or base layer applications (Wallet/Explorer etc.). Let's make this space a better environment for Users and Developers alike. BUIDLers unite!

The Innovation track is for Entrepreneurs who wish to create decentralised applications (dApps) on the Zilliqa blockchain. dApps include but are not limited to innovative protocols for tokenising assets, mandating credit issuance, or issuing stable tokens. dApps can also be gaming/news curation/reputation apps that require a secure but scalable ledger to keep track of all changes. Let us scale our imaginations alongside Zilliqa!

The Research track is for Researchers who wishes to work alongside Zilliqa's Research to take a crack at the most pressing issues in the blockchain space. The research topics include but are not limited to Cryptography, Consensus design, Scalability and Privacy.

| Maximum grant amount given for each track |
For Infrastructure track | $20k USD
For Innovation track | $10k USD
For Research track | Case-by-case basis

! NOTE ! : Grant amount disbursement must have a minimum 30% ZIL allocation, the remaining 70% can be in ZIL/ETH/or USD.

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