Meadville Children's Center - Program Evaluation Form
Parents: We are continually looking for ways to better our program and ensure your child's time with us is a meaningful, secure and happy experience. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback in completing this form.
Child's Classroom *
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The Center provides a warm and secure atmosphere for my child. *
The Center communicates effectively with parents through daily love notes. *
The Center communicates effectively with parents through information posted/sent home. *
Parent-Teacher conferences are informative and important to me as a parent *
The Center provides your child with outdoor activities daily (weather permitting). *
The Directors and Board of Directors are approachable to discuss any concerns you may have. *
The Center provides and atmosphere where I feel confident that my child is safe from harm or injury. *
Staff individually and cheerfully greets each child in the morning. *
Teachers effectively assist child with transition at drop-off and pick-up. *
Teachers provide a stable routine for my child. *
Teachers provide appropriate curriculum and activities to encourage learning, curiosity and exploration. *
Teachers use explanations that the children are able to understand clearly. *
Staff are open to parent accommodations/requests. *
Teachers use appropriate methods of discipline. *
Staff helps parents feel comfortable coming to them with questions and concerns. *
Your child's teachers provide opportunities for social development. *
Your child's teachers encourage your child's verbal expression. *
Your child's teachers provide opportunities for your child to develop their independence. *
Your child's classroom has a clear balance between active and quiet activities. *
Please Share any suggestions or concerns that you may have so we can improve your child's experience at Meadville Children's Center *
Please share anything that you have been especially pleased with here at MCC. *
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