GDAX Flash Crash - Class Action Lawsuit
There is significant interest from a very well known law firm that will be reviewing your submissions to understand how best to proceed. From an initial look, it appears to be gross negligence. GDAX exists to make a market, not collapse a market by 99% and then increase it by 30,000% within 1 minute while all their customers are locked out of their accounts. An asset doesn't go from being worth $300 to $.10 to $300. That is not a market. That's theft. GDAX should have unwound those trades and restored faith in their platform, Ethereum and the blockchain as a whole.

Some people lost their life savings in seconds and had no sell orders, and in some cases small amounts of leverage. If you had just 8% or less of margin, you lost everything. GDAX was able to unwind all of the damage from the flash crash, they even took their system offline. They then decided not to. They decided to consciously allow a theft to occur and people's lives to be ruined, all within 1 minute, with everyone shut out from their system and adding no value to stakeholders other than wealth transfer en masse.

Anyway, rant over. Now onto the Class Action.


Please make sure to share this URL with others who may have been impacted.

UPDATE 6/22 @ 7:47pm PST: There have been 100s of submissions with many millions lost due to the market manipulation (against GDAX ToS at time of event), inaccessibility of site, negligence and more. Thank you and continue to share. Conversations developing.

UPDATE 6/23: GDAX has indicated that they will be reimbursing all those impacted. We applaud GDAX for making the right decision.

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