S4 League - GM Wish Form
Use this form if you are eligible for a GM Wish.
Read First!
Make sure you enter all information correctly.
INCORRECT information will be DISREGARDED.

Decide your choice BEFORE posting.
ONLY your FIRST entry will be accepted.

If you have any questions about your GM Wish, please send a ticket here: http://www.aeriagames.com/contact/support

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Time to make your wish!
Choose a set OR a weapon OR a pet. And also choose the stats you want, pen OR ap or FP!

With this GM Wish, you CAN request ONE of the following:
-1 weapon (stats of choice: FP, AP or PEN)
-1 costume set (stats of choice: FP, AP or PEN, only items included in the capsule of that particular set)
-1 pet (stats of choice: FP, AP or PEN)
-1 hairstyle, face or accessory (stats of choice: FP, AP or PEN)

The following CAN NOT be requested:
- Items which have not been released in S4 Europe
- Items with stats that have not been released in S4 Europe
- Special items such as unique skills, event items or super rare set colors
- Supersonic Rewards
- The Combi Sets
- The Egg Fumbi, Mach3 Spy Dagger (Event/Limited Edition)
- GM Sets
- Aeria Games holds the right to deny any item unlisted here

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