Oliver And Michael - Lunar Eclipse
Do you like gaming
Do you like snacks

Well then come to our stall

We are having a smash bros gaming tournament

You pay money and if you win you can win double what you paid

and .... ofcourse ............................... buy snacks
Like massive hot dogs and cheap milk tart
1. Do you like gaming? *
2. Would you play in a smash bros tournament to win money? *
3. Would you pay extra to skip a queue at our store and get benefits? *
4. We are selling hot dogs. Which sauce would you pick? *
5. Which would you buy? (Pick 2 at most) *
6. How much money are you bringing to market day? *
7. Would you play 1v1v1v1 in smash bros? *
8. Would you want to buy drinks? *
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