Lash Glue & Sensitivity Theory Course 睫毛黑膠持久度&抗敏班
TrueEyes Academy
Course objective 課程目標
-to enhance professionalism and equip practitioners with the knowledge of glue & sensitivity issues to reduce occurrence of eye problems (red eye , swollen eyes , infected eyes etc) & to effectively handle customers disputes
Course modules 課程內容
-The Anatomy of Eyelash glue
-Formaldehyde & its implication
-How working temperature & humidity can affect your lashing
-Factors that affect the glue curing (drying) process
-Proper way to store your glue
-Proper glue application
-Secret to achieve long lasting lashes
-Usage of eye mask vs eye tape
-Analysis of various eyelash related eye conditions
-Hygiene theory of lashes
-Working environment & ways to safeguard yourself as a eyelash practitioner
-Effective handling of customer disputes

*** For any other course enquiry , please call us at +65 86952341***
How to enrol 如何報名?
Every session has limited vacancies. Simply fill up the form below and we will contact you accordingly. 每個課程都名額有限. 只需填寫下面的表單,我們會與您聯繫。
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Terms & Conditions
Deposit of 30% upon confirmation . Balance of 70% can be paid on day of course (Cash or Nets Payment only).
Bank account: OCBC 695355453001

Cancellation Policy
at least 14 days from date of course
- Changes - allowed to change ONCE
- Cancellation - refund of Deposit allowed ; but subject to cancellation fee of SGD50

7-14 days from date of course
- Changes - allowed but subject to SGD50 administrative charge
- Cancellation - NO cancellation can be allowed , forfeit of Deposit

Within 7 days from date of course
- Changes - allowed but subject to SGD100 administrative charge
- Cancellation - NO cancellation can be allowed, forfeit of Deposit

** NO Cancellation or Postpone is allowed ON day of Course

報名訂金 30%,餘款 當天付清 (現金 /nets)
Bank account: OCBC 695355453001

距離開課日期 14天前:
- 更改- 可以免費更改日期一次
- 取消- 可以取消,需酌收sgd100的手續費(作為名額佔用及相關處理費)

距離開課日期 7-14天之內:
- 更改- 需酌收sgd50的手續費
- 取消- 訂金將無法退還

距離開課日期 7天內:
- 更改 - 需酌收sgd100的手續費
- 取消 - 訂金將無法退還

** 上課程當天 不允許 取消或 延期

By filling up the above form, you have deemed agreed to have read thoroughly and fully understood the terms & condition of the course set by True Eyes Academy Pte Ltd . 我已詳細了解此課程相關內容並無異議,將同意True Eyes Academy Pte Ltd 學院課程內容條款和條件。 *
Our contact
Academy : Far East Plaza #04-138 S228213

熱線詢問: +65 86952341


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