Maine Space 2030: Space Data Dashboard Stakeholder Survey
The Maine Space Corporation is in the early stages of developing the Space Data and Advanced Analytics Center, which will host a cloud-based, digital platform resourced to import/downlink, store, clean, manage, and analyze satellite data in concert with terrestrial data to solve local business needs and public policy issues in innovative ways. In order to design the first iteration of this platform, we need your valuable feedback. Kindly fill out the survey below to help us understand your priorities, functional requirements, and preferences. Thank you!
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How would you describe your familiarity with space data?

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What key topics or resources would you find most beneficial?

(Examples might include "list of public space data sources," "private space data marketplace," "space data use cases," or "space data tutorials.")
What features would you like included in a space data dashboard?
When "finding data", which of the following features would be most important to you?
How often do you anticipate using a space data dashboard?
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In terms of user experience and interface, are there any specific features or designs from other platforms that you believe would be beneficial to integrate into our space data dashboard?
Which of the following best describes your primary reason for accessing space data?
Would you be interested in community-driven content, such as forums or user-generated datasets?
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Would you be interested in attending webinars or workshops related to understanding and using the data more effectively?
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Do you have any other suggestions or comments to improve the functionality, usability, or content of the space data dashboard?
Thank you!
Your input is crucial in shaping the Maine Space 2030 Space Data Dashboard to better serve our community.
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