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All members of the CoP FGM pledge to respect the Charter, of which you will find an extract below :

The issue of this Community of Practice is Female Genital Mutilation, also known as Female Genital
Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C), female circumcision, excision or non-therapeutic female genital cutting, among

Our goal is the abandonment of female genital mutilation (FGM) and the promotion of the well-being and
human rights of women and girls.

This Community of practice enables professionals and activists to exchange within the frame of mutual
learning and to improve their actions of prevention, advocacy and care for concerned persons, as well as
related policies.

The CoP FGM is a heterogenous group. We encourage a non-technical, accessible and simple communication,
ensuring that all members can understand and participate. The CoP FGM is an official web (virtual) community functioning via a Google group (mailing list and online Forum). One or several moderators are responsible for the good operation of the CoP.

Debates within the CoP : All subjects related to FGM can be debated in the CoP FGM. A discussion can be launched by any member or by the moderators. We encourage analytical and constructive analysis. The debate must stay focused on the theme and have as a main goal the collective learning of the group.

We commit to the following principles for a constructive dialogue within the CoP FGM :
* A well-meaning tone;
* Well-argumented opinions, if possible supported by references;
* Messages stating a clear object;
* Messages whose aim is to advance the debate, to provide new information and to favour the
collective learning.

Are not accepted within the CoP FGM :
* Discriminatory discourse (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc);
* Insults, against other members, the moderators or other persons ;
* Messages which are out of topic, spams;
* One-on-one communication (these messages should be sent directly to the person);
* Messages directed specifically to the moderators (to be sent to the moderators on the address;
* Excessive self-promotion.

The role of the moderators is to ensure the good operation of the CoP FGM, to subscribe and unsubscribe
members, to facilitate the discussion on the list and to ensure that the tone of the debate is well-meaning.
They can also propose subjects for discussion and provide clarifications. The moderators do not censor the debate. However, they may ask someone to change their behaviour or exclude a person from the list if their behaviour is opposed to the Charter or the objectives of the CoP.

The full Charter can be found here:

Our moderators are at your disposal if you have any questions:
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