Global Shapers New York Hub: Spring 2019 Applications
Thanks for your interest in joining our Global Shapers New York community. Please fill out all the questions below, making sure to follow the prompts. Before starting your application, we encourage you to learn about the New York Hub including current Shapers, projects we're working on, and the recruitment process at

Applications are due by Tuesday, May 28 at 11:59p.m. ET (NY Time).

If you have any issues, email us at

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What part of the city do you live in? If you live outside of New York (e.g., Jersey City) but work in the city, please indicate this in the “Other” field. *
How long have you lived in New York, and for what reason, e.g., school, work, work trips? If you do not live in New York permanently, please include how much time you spend in the city annually. *
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Why do you want to join the Global Shapers New York Hub? Record a video of yourself answering this question in two minutes or less, and upload or share a link to the video. Note that we will assess the quality of your response, not the quality of the video. We encourage you to show us your personality and creativity in the video.
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Global Shapers is a civically oriented network that actively develops and contributes to projects impacting the local community. Submit a project plan of 500 words or less, considering why this project matters, how it aligns with the Hub, the resources and skills needed, and the possible outcomes or impact. *
What skills can you contribute to help drive impact in Global Shapers projects? Pick your strongest three. *
The Global Shapers community celebrates diversity in all forms. The New York Hub makes a great effort in being inclusive and embraces people of all backgrounds and walks of life. If there is anything else you want to tell us that is not addressed in this application, let us know below.
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