Introduction and Overview
As we all continue to do more knowledge based digital work over the internet (ework) the question arises - How productive are we using all the work collaboration technology available?

This basic preliminary survey is dedicated to helping us better understand and evaluate the technology stack issues that allows eworking. It does NOT address the many other related issues surrounding the use of ework facilitating technology. "Soft" issues or best practices related to questions such as, "how should I organize our channels and folders?" and "how often should we have video calls?", etc. - are left for another survey/time.

This survey is for all our benefit and we will gladly make the anonymized results available to those participating in the survey. We will NOT sell your contact information, or the results of this survey or make your specific information public. We follow generally understood high standards of information confidentiality practices. This is solely for the purpose and benefits of determining offerings and product market fit.

Please review our simple survey consent form here:
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Technology Stack Description for eWorking - collaboratively working remotely over the internet. Layer 1 - Communications, Layer 2 - Information & Collaboration, Layer 3 - Work Results Management. The more the layers efficiently perform in concert the higher the increased eworking productivity. Example of typical SaaS products/platforms for each layer is listed next to layers.
Do you have a somewhat dedicated and organized manner to assess, address, improve eworking specific productivity? *
What organization would likely be the "owner(s)" of eworking productivity - even if you don't have such an assigned owner, what is your view for ownership in your organization? *
Estimated number of people who in your company can ework - those that can do their job using internet accessible computers, devices? *
In your company - how many layers or levels of work "management" from the exec team to the lowest level are there? - Or if you overlaid your company wide org charts on a worksheet how many rows would there be? See example below. An approximate number is fine. *
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In your company - how many "organizations", business groups, operations, etc. are there? Or if you overlaid your company wide org charts on a worksheet how many rows would there be? An estimated number is fine. *
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Is your organization and its culture well suited for agile work-from-anywhere anytime performance?
not well suited
very much
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Where does much of you company's ework stand today between synchronous vs asynchronous performance?
needs real-time interactions
quite asynchronous able
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