UBLD Members & Supporters Survey - June 2017
This end-of-year survey is to gather feedback from members and supporters of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats about our activities and the kinds of events people would like to see in the future.
What year are you in?
What is your relationship with UBLD?
If you're not a member, why haven't you joined so far?
Which of these events would you be likely to attend next year?
Tick all that apply
Do you have any other suggestions for new events next year?
Your answer
Where do you normally hear about UBLD events?
How much information do you recieve about UBLD events?
Please rank these issues for our campaigns on-campus in order of how important they are to you
LGBT rights
Civil liberties
Drugs reform
Electoral reform
Mental health
Single market membership / freedom of movement
Do you have any other comments about the society and/or suggestions for what we should improve next year?
Your answer
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