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PRISMI is a European project funded by the "Interreg MED Programme 2014/2020". The project promotes the spread and the integration of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean islands.
PRISMI main objectives are:
(A) Establishing a Network of specialized agencies, public authorities and scientific institutions that are able to increase and exchange knowledge, skills and acceptability of RES in MED islands;
(B) Developing an integrated toolkit based on a transnational approach that is able to assess and map RES for the targeted elaboration of energy scenarios and related techno-economic feasibility analysis in MED islands;
(C) Supporting effective design and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPS), while also focusing on the monitoring and reporting phase, in local authorities of 5 Mediterranean countries/regions (Italy, Cyprus, Gozo, Greece, and Croatia).

PRISMI is glad to invite you to join its Network and concretely participate in the transition to a low-carbon energy future!
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On behalf of my organisation, I join the PRISMI NETWORK as a MEMBER. I will actively cooperate with the project partners in order to support PRISMI in reaching the set objectives, results and targets. I would like to be updated about the progress of the project. I will support the PRISMI Network in disseminating and capitalizing the project's vision and outputs.
I confirm that I have been informed that the institution I represent will not receive any financial contribution from the Programme and cannot act as supplier in the implementation of the project.
My data can only be used by authorized people, and for statistic, control and publicity purposes of the PRISMI project. This document is not of a legally binding character.
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