Priceless 2019: Request a Lodge Room
While Priceless is primarily a camping festival, Belden Town contains a lodge with a small number of rooms. Attendees who will find it difficult to attend without staying in the lodge may request a room.

Are you definitely coming? Do you want a room at the Belden Lodge this year? We are accepting registration for rooms now through June 1st.

Each reservation is for all three nights of the event (Thursday July 4th, Friday July 5th, and Saturday July 6th). Cost will be approximately $425-$450 for the weekend.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee rooms before tickets go on sale. If there is more interest than there are rooms, we will randomly allocate amongst respondents, prioritizing attendees with special needs (medical needs, small children, etc) and those with 4 people in their room. We'll be able to confirm who has rooms early in June.

An important note: Belden Lodge rooms are for rest and quiet, not for parties or loud gathering — the Belden Lodge staff has asked us to inform our attendees that, in accordance with their policy, they reserve the right to ask people to keep their voices down, keep the balconies clear, enforce the 4-person limit, and to ask people not staying in rooms to leave.

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