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CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING our Community giveaway! Thank you so much for being a ROCKSTAR and being INVOLVED in our Community group. And if you are not, think how much more fun and opportunities you would have if you were.
Please fill out this form below and I'll start to choose you fabulous goodies to get them out to you. XOXO

(And hey, if you fill this out and didn't actually win something, you'll promptly be removed from all of our shopping pages and blacklisted for any future giveaways for being a dishonest turd nugget. Liars can go sit on a cactus. 🌵We will know
if you have won or not. Don't test us.)

Please fill out this form, and then ALSO make sure that you are registered in our database.

In order to receive your prize, you will receive an invoice before we ship your items. Your invoice will have a shipping charge. We do not cover your shipping unless you are in our perks program. You should join. Your item cannot ship until you have completed this step.

Please note that we process giveaways once per month. You may have to wait for your item(s) for a few weeks. Please do not email us about your items. We promise we will not forget you as long as you properly registered below. Emailing us demanding premature delivery status about your free item may result in forfeiture of your prize.

Thank you! Enjoy your free item(s)!

Sunnies & Pear

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Remember - This is a GIVEAWAY. If you don't LOVE the pattern or the size doesn't fit - PLEASE - Bless your winnings/pay it forward to someone who you believe will love them. *
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