International Conference on Geography and Development (INCOGaD-2020)
Wherever there is a service, there is a location where that service is delivered. In an emergency, medical care is delivered at a specific location; businesses advertise their location to customers; and governments need location data on people and businesses for revenue mobilization. The framework for location data, its analytics and intelligence is called Geospatial Science and Technology (GST), which includes Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, and all other locational methodologies. GST is used to power millions of decisions in areas including agriculture, health, energy, disasters, security, crime, urban management, transportation, natural resources, and many more. GST is a vibrant multidisciplinary field, with diverse applications and job opportunities. However, the application and use of this technology continues to be a challenge in Ghana and Africa. Consequently, this International Conference on Geography and Development (INCOGaD-2020) is highly essential – creating a forum to share scholarly and practical ideas to tackle critical societal problems. It is the second of its kind to be hosted by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Kumasi, Ghana.

Submission of Abstracts: November 1st to February 20th 2020
Notice of Acceptance: March, 15th 2020
Submission of full-length paper: June 30th 2020

Non-student Participants: GHC 250.00
Students Participants: GHC 100.00

Early Bird Registration: 22nd March 2020
Last Day of Registration: 30th June 2020
Ext. Last Day of Registration: 14th July 2020
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