Schenectady Youth Hockey - Head Coach Application
All individuals interested in being considered for Head Coach positions must complete this application and provide proof of compliance with all USA Hockey, New York State Amateur Hockey Association (if applicable), Safe Sport, CEP, Age Appropriate Coaching Modules and Criminal Background Screening Certifications, along with all other information requested by SYHA.
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Other Youth Coaching Experience (i.e. other sports) - - Include Years, Association Name / Sport Name, Division & Level, Coaching Capacity (i.e. head coach or assistant coach) *
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If yes, please identify the year(s), Association, Division/Level, and provide an explanation of the circumstances.
What is the highest level of hockey that you have played (i.e. College, Juniors, Midget, High School, etc.)? *
References (Parents of Past Players are Preferred) - Include Reference Name, Phone Number, and email address *
Parent Expectations and Communication - As a Head Coach, what is your plan be for managing expectations and communicating regularly with parents? *
What are your coaching strengths? *
What are your coaching weaknesses/areas needing improvement? *
How do you think players would describe your coaching style? *
How do you think parents would describe your coaching style? *
Provide any other information that should be considered during the head coach selection process *
Accepting Responsibility - 1) If selected as Head Coach, I understand and hereby acknowledge that I will be responsible at all times for conducting myself as a positive role model and following all associated rules and codes of conduct. 2) In addition, I understand and hereby acknowledge that I am responsible to ensure that all of my Assistant Coaches and Team Managers likewise act as positive role models and follow all associated rules and codes of conduct at all times. 3) I understand that I may roster no more than eighteen skaters and two goalies for my team. 4) I will not select players outside of the tryout schedule without express, written consent from the SYHA Board of Directors. 5) I understand that no one shall skate on my team’s practice ice or my team’s game ice unless approved by the SYHA Board of Directors. This rule applies to siblings, high school students, or other guests. 6) I understand that I am responsible for all Assistant Coaches, Team Managers and Team Volunteers. I must ensure they are properly registered with SYHA, USA Hockey, have obtained Safe Sport Certification, have completed a New York State Criminal Background Screening, are at the proper CEP Level, and have completed the applicable Age Appropriate Coaching Module. 7) I understand that any violation of SYHA rules, policies, codes of conduct and/or by-laws, New York State Amateur Hockey Association Rules, and/or USA Hockey Rules may be grounds for immediate dismissal from SYHA. 8) I hereby affirm that the information entered in this Head Coaching Application is true and accurate, and that I accept the responsibilities set forth herein. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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