FEALIPS 2021 Meeting on institutional public policy and the reality of field experiences: What are the gaps? What actions can we take?
              For its 2021 meetings, FEALIPS would like to inquire about the relationships between field workers and the institutions that handle public policy.

This questionnaire is the first step in this shared reflection. In order for it to be as relevant as possible, we suggest that you use it as part of a collective reflection for maximum benefit.

              We have observed that institutional choices favor the logic of costs and centralization to the detriment of the promotion and support of the professionals and field volunteers who have proven their worth for many years.

Our ambitions for these meetings are:

                                                    To share, exchange, compare, connect,
                            and give greater meaning to our actions so we can reinvent a grassroots democracy together.

              This questionnaire is being proposed to you so that you can express yourself and we can hear what you have to say and share it!

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Email address *
What are the public policy institutions that you work with?
Are you satisfied with your relationships with these institutions? *
How would you describe your relationships with these institutions? *
Very satisfying
Identification of interlocutors
Follow-up on files
Response to questions
Obtainment of grants
Monitoring of grants
Do you feel that you are being heard? *
Yes, absolutely
Not enough
Not at all
By the institutions
By the federations
In the field
If you feel that you are being heard, why and how?
If you feel that you are not being heard, why not and how?
What gains or added values have these institutions provided you with? (up to 3)
What major difficulties have you encountered with these institutions? (up to 3) *
Do you feel that there are any significant differences between the institutions' visions and those of the field workers? *
If yes, what are these differences? (up to 3)
Do you feel that the the requests made of you by the institutions are realistic considering the conditions of the field? *
Your comments
How do you see the evolution of suicide prevention training in the future? (e.g. sentinel,...) *
How do you think you will adjust to these changes? (optional)
How do you see the evolution of suicide prevention in the future? *
What do you think is missing in suicide prevention? (3 main actions) *
Are there any additional questions you would have liked to be asked?
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