Pre-Purchase Home Buyer Self Check List
Use this basic form to learn a little about the properties condition before you make an offer to purchase. Note: This basic simplified checklist is not intended to replace a full and comprehensive inspection by a Mississippi licensed Home Inspector. Click the link below to view a copy of the MS Home Inspector Standards of Practice for a full and complete inspection.
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Is there water in the Crawlspace? *
Are there moldy-musty odors in the Crawlspace? *
Are there any Interior moisture stains or cracks in walls, ceilings, or on flooring? *
Are the Interior floors uneven or doors jamming? *
Age of the Roof covering? *
Age of the Air Conditioning System? *
Age of the Heating System? *
Age of the Water heating System? *
What type of Exterior siding is on the home? Check all that apply *
Are there any electrical issues with the home?
Condition of the Roof covering? *
Property drainage: Is the grade sloped properly to prevent water from flowing toward the foundation? *
The next step is getting a full and comprehensive home inspection!
Once you feel comfortable and you receive an excepted offer with a contingency contract you should call our office at 601-454-4073 to schedule your full inspection. Our professionally trained inspectors will spend 2.5-3.5 +/- going through all the systems and components of the home and prepare a written report by the end of the day.

Click this link if you're ready to schedule your inspection and save $25!

Print a copy for your records and click the "Submit" button.

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