Balanced Business Blueprint
Firstly, thank you so much for assisting me with the research. My aim is to bring BALANCE back into the corporate worksplace by assisting employers and employees with better lifestyle and wellness practices.

Ideally, I would love every workplace to offer a Balanced Blueprint to every employee when they start their employement contract. This will help reduce sick days, work place inducted mental illness, stress and also staff productivity.
What I would love to do, is tweak my existing Balanced Business Blueprint to make it universal for businesses all around the world.

HUGE, I know......But for me ( an ex corporates) it's a mission worth fighting for.

** All responses and personal details are kept strictly private, confidential and will not be shared with any third party.**

So, thank you for everything and for your part in the #BalancedMovement.

Teressa xx

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Thank you for filling out this survey. I will be in touch with you shortly xx Teressa
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