ACRES Outreach Volunteer Signup Form
Please read this description carefully to understand about the volunteer programme, responsibilities and volunteer job scope.

As an outreach volunteer, you will get to interact with people from all walks of life to promote our mission to end animal cruelty in Asia. Through roadshows, tours or talks, you will be an ambassador for the voiceless by getting our audience to take action to co-exist with our native wildlife, work towards a cruelty-free lifetstyle and tackle wildlife crime.

You will be required to be:
- Level-headed towards all audience and mature in replying anyone that approaches you
- Enthusiastic
- Responsible for roadshow exhibits or educational materials

Please note our volunteer call-outs are sent via our whatsapp chat.

Volunteer slots are booked according to first come first serve basis.

(Suitable for ages 14 and above.)

Things to bring:
- ACRES T-shirt
- Water bottle
- Covered shoes
- Long comfortable pants/bermudas

Only vegetarian/vegan food is allowed to be consumed at our roadshow booth/when on shift/on our premises.

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