Motivationeur - Black Coffee for your Lifestyle Transformation Journey from DELTA → Home.
Self Development Coaching is what differentiates You are here because you feel stuck. But how did you get stuck in your own "Delta Quadrant"? How can you get unstuck? Where is "home" for you, how can you be content there and never get lost again?
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You won't get "home" and stay there unless you realize you're stuck in your own "Delta Quadrant". Every coach offers fitness training, some coaches add nutritional guidance. does both, but also provides Self Development. The crew experienced growth in their 7 years to home. You will too, and this is the key to truly getting unstuck, getting home and being content there so you never get stuck again.
What does the journey involve?
Every Self Development session is Tuvok approved.
Every Fitness program is Chakotay approved.
Every Nutritional Plan is Doctor approved.
And then there's black coffee - Janeway approved!
Summary of the Journey
After receiving your application, Admiral Paris will decide If we're a good fit. If so, this is what happens next:
1) you will send first payment at Warp Speed so we get going IMMEDIATELY!
2) we send you your Welcome Package
3) we send you documents to complete & you return them at Warp Speed
4) we book your first consultation, and your 30-day Progress Consultation
5) we build your First Officer approved custom fitness program (home or gym)
6) we create your Doctor approved Nutritional Meal program (balanced, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, etc., as you wish)
7) we book the first Self Development session
You will communicate with through email or App. Consultations will be by Skype. Your journey from DELTA to Home begins now. Do it.
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