VIDAL Access @ Carver High School

ELIGIBLITY = Current senior & ~Top 10% of the senior class


INFORMATION = This form serves as your application for the VIDAL Access college counseling program. If admitted, you will receive individualized college counseling from Mr. Lance Beverly, a UAB and Harvard graduate who's helped students go on to schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Georgetown, and a variety of honors programs and early-medical/early-dental at state universities. If interested in learning more about what Mr. Bev's previous students have experienced, please visit

ADVICE = Please take your time in crafting responses to the final two questions. Alternatively, for the final question, you may paste a video link in which you provide your response.

REQUEST = Please share this with your classmates upon finishing your application.

QUESTIONS = Email Mr. Bev at
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Are you working with the College Choice Foundation? *
What is your current rank (e.g., 12th of 250 total seniors) or decile (e.g., Top 10% or Top 20%)? *
Highest Individual SAT or ACT Score (please provide the total score and the subscores; for example, "SAT = 1420 (700 Math, 720 CR)" or "ACT = 30 (E = 30, M = 30, R = 30, S = 30)? *
Highest SuperScored SAT or ACT?
Are you planning to re-take the SAT or ACT? *
How many AP courses have you taken, including those you expect to take senior year APs (do *not* include "advanced" courses; I'm strictly wanting to know the total number of APs you've taken, including senior year)? *
Please list all of your major, multi-year activities (i.e., you've participated in them 2 or more years, including senior year). In addition, please include your title next to the club/team (e.g., "Member", "Vice President", "Treasurer", etc.). Lastly, please enter one extracurricular per line, as it's a bit easier for me to read.
Which colleges are you currently planning to apply to? Please list from most difficult to least difficult (or categorize as Reach/Match/Safety, if you've already done so). *
Are you considering applying Early Decision 1 or Early Decision 2? [Note: Early Decision is *not* the same as Early Action, so answer "no" if you're only considering EA and *not* ED. If you're unfamiliar with what Early Decision is, it is a binding agreement, meaning if you get into the school - you must go to it (Early Action, on the other hand, is non-binding). Because of ED being binding, you can only apply Early Decision to *one* school. The benefit of Early Decision is that, in many cases, Early Decision can greatly increase your admissions chances at the competitive institutions that offer it (in many cases, it's 2-4 times the Regular Decision acceptance rate). Early Decision 1 typically has a deadline between November 1 through November 15th. If a school has Early Decision 2, it usually corresponds with a school's Regular Decision deadline in January).] *
Which weekdays are best for you to meet for an online college counseling session? *
What time range(s) is/are best for you to meet? (Note: Even if your availability begins at, say, 3:30 PM EST, include the 3-4 PM EST time slot). *
Are you (generally) available Saturday mornings between 9 AM - 12 PM EST to have a counseling session? *
Are you (generally) available Sunday mornings between 10 AM - 1 PM EST to have a counseling session? *
In terms of college-related assistance, what would you say you need the most help with? *
Why would you like to have this opportunity / why would you say you need this opportunity? Be as specific as possible and please stay below 400 words. Alternatively, you may provide a 2-3 minute video explaining why you'd like to have this opportunity. A link from YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., may be used. Just test the video link to ensure it works, if that's the option you prefer. *
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