2020 - 2021 Homeless Support Committee Interest Survey
The Homeless Outreach Committee has a diverse set of goals, from providing sack lunches at outreach events in Sacramento, to project proposals that encourage local grocery stores to donate food to homeless services. It plans to increase awareness around the needs of the homeless community and support services in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties, and is open to any ideas that can directly impact individuals coping with homelessness. If you are interested in interacting and supporting the homeless community, creating projects that benefit local homeless support services, or addressing systemic issues of homelessness on a government level, this is a committee that will help you hone those skills while working and interacting with other youth who are passionate about this issue.*

*For the success of this program, it is essential that members be able to meet two times a month for a committee meeting.

If you are interested in being a part of the Homeless Outreach Committee, please fill out this application.

To learn more about Hands4Hope and Homeless Outreach Committee, visit www.hands4hopeyouth.org.
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