How well have you understood Focaccia?
Answer these two questions to evaluate your understand about Focaccia from the above article.
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Match the following
Match the type of focaccia against the description
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From Liguria, 2 cm thick & soft inside
From Liguria consists of two thin layers and soft fresh cheese in between.
Sweet focaccia made with butter and sugar
Regional specialty of Puglia, topped with tomato, olive, & rosemary
The focaccia from Tuscany
Sandwich of Italian origin
Thin focaccia stuffed with sardines or anchovies
Focaccia topped with sage
Focaccia made with pizza dough
focaccia alla salvia
Focaccia barese
Venetian focaccia
Focaccia genovese
Recco focaccia
Pizza bianca
Focaccia ligure
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