2019 AMST Report of Absence
This form is used to report an absence AFTER the meet deadline has passed:

1. If you have signed up for the meet but need to CANCEL a meet entry AFTER THE MEET
(ie...swimmer was signed up and then got sick or schedule changed after the Sunday
evening deadline for the upcoming meet.)

***** If the deadline has NOT passed, please just change your commitment to "NO" under Edit Commitment link.***

Please help make the final changes before the deadline (Sunday midnight before the event) in general. For each event, we will accept changes only with approved excuses. We're sorry that we can't commit to accept all the requests because of the meet setup process.

Thank you for reporting an absence. If you have any questions, please send an email to computerrep@swimcudas.org.
First Name (Swimmer) *
Last Name (Swimmer) *
Age *
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Gender *
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Swimming Event *
Please select the meet/event which you would submit for the absence.
Excuse *
Please specify the changes that need to be made and let us know why the change is needed after the deadline. Thanks.
Volunteer job *
Does this affect your volunteer job assignment for this meet?
Parent Name for the Volunteer Job
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