Art Grant Application - TTATC9
$4235 (including the $235 in donations - thanks!) will be available for art grants, at a max of $500 each
- If you'd like to donate to our art grant program, please let us know! We'd love to add to it!
Art Grant apps are due at noon on Friday, May 17.
Art Grants will be announced on Sunday, May 19.
* MUST have a TTATC ticket to apply for a grant..
* Filling out this form does NOT replace the Theme Camp or Art/FAST form app. You must fill out BOTH!
* Must follow through on all agreements if your art grant is awarded.

Agreements: This is a leave no trace event, all projects must be removed from the grounds after the event and the area where the project was displayed must be free of MOOP (including no burn scars, if burned). As an art grant recipient you will be responsible for the transportation, setup and dis-assembly of the project. Failure to bring the project, provide appropriate receipts, or clean up after the event, it will result in a denial of funding.

We are so excited to see whatchu got! Thank you for participating in the TTATC9 Art Grant Program!

Project Title *
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Contact Person - REAL NAME *
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Contact Person - PLAYA NAME
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Phone Number *
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PAYPAL EMAIL (For Quickest Reimbursement)
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City, State, Zip (for Reimbursement Check) *
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Additional People working on the Project
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Describe any other special requirements for your project.
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Will your project include any flame effects? *
You MUST also complete the FAST form, DO NOT forget to do this, so we can properly place your project!
Do you intend to Burn your project? *
You MUST also complete the FAST form, DO NOT forget to do this, so we can properly place your project! Note: it is the applicant’s responsibility to bring a burn platform and dispose of all the metal and ash by the end of the event. Failure to clean up after your project will result in denial of funding. Be sure to include the burn platform and clean up material into the total cost of your project. Send questions regarding burn platform requirements to:
Does your art project have anything to do with a theme camp? *
If granted, you MUST complete the THEME CAMP form, DO NOT forget to do this, so we can get the rest of your info, to properly place your theme camp!
Grant Amount you are Requesting *
Funding is limited to $500 maximum award per project and is subject to reimbursement for receipts.
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Would a partial grant be acceptable? *
Minimum amount required for you to bring your project (as partial grants are a real Thing)? *
Just because you tell us your minimum doesn't mean that's what you'll get. We want to know the realistic range of what will work for you, and also our program, to bring ALL of the best of the best to our event!
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The Short Answer: A 30 word (or less) description of your project. *
For award and other announcement purposes.
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the Long Answer: Please provide a detailed description of your project including size, sound, inspiration, concept, design.... you know, stuff like that. Why do you deserve a TTATC Art Grant??? *
What you got?!?!? <3
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