Everything But the Horse (EBTH) Team Entry Form - February 29, 2020
PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR CLUB OR RIDING CENTER District Commissioner (DC) or Center Administrator (CA) prior to completing this form. This form is ONLY FOR REGISTERING A TEAM.

Please fill out one form per team (or partial team) per division.

Individuals need only fill out the INDIVIDUAL form (organizer will place you on a team)
Team's Club/Center Affiliation *
Please check all clubs for this team if a scramble
Name of person filling out this form? *
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Email address of person filling out this form *
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Affiliation to Team: *
How are you affiliated to the team?
If you are a Friend of a Current Pony Club Member, please write the Pony Club Member's name below.
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Team Name *
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Is this a full team? *
If you only have 1 rider, please do not submit this form, only fill out the INDIVIDUAL form and you will be placed on a scramble team. Teams with 3 or 4 riders MUST find their own stable manager.
Team Captain *
Please list First & Last Name of Team Captain as preferred by District Commissioner or Center Administrator. Organizer has the right to assign captains on scramble teams
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Team Stable Manager *
Please list First & Last Name of Stable Manager. Teams with 3 or 4 riders are required to send a stable manager, but does not need to be from your club. If you are on a short team and need a stable manager, please put "in need"
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Team Riders *
Please list the other riders on the team, not including the captain
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First & Last Name of Team Chaperone *
Each Team must have an adult Team Chaperone ONSITE during Rally hours. Chaperone also must complete the Chaperone Form found on the Lake Shore Region Website/Events Page.
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Telephone # of Team Chaperone (number that they can be reached during the event) *
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