MCHS Student Voice Survey--Counselor
School Counselor *
When working with the counselor, I learn to set goals. *
The counselor encourages me to use the skills I have learned to help me be a better problem solver. *
The counselor actively listens to and responds to what I say. *
The counselor explains difficult things clearly. *
The counselor provides helpful comments or suggestions. *
The counselor checks to see how I’m doing throughout the school year. *
I know how to seek assistance from the counselor. *
The counselor expects me to be respectful. *
The counselor respects me, my ideas, and suggestions. *
What I learn from the counselor will help me in my life. *
My counselor shows interest in me by asking questions to learn more about me. *
The counselor believes in my abilities. *
The counselor makes me feel that she or he cares about me. *
The counselor encourages me to do my best work. *
The counselor wants me to share my thoughts, ideas or feelings with him or her when appropriate. *
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