Train-the-Trainers Application
Peaceful Families Project (PFP) will be hosting a Train-the-Trainers (TOT) on Saturday, June 15 to Sunday June 16, 2019 in the DC Metro Area. For our Training of Trainers, we are seeking people who have had some experience with domestic violence (DV) in any capacity and who are already comfortable with public speaking, but would like to deepen their ability to address the Islamic perspective and would like resources and materials to aid in addressing this topic. We will expect anyone seeking to become a trainer for PFP to assist or attend a PFP event prior to representing the organization in any training capacity; however, we encourage everyone to use our resources as appropriate in any community outreach.

To become a trainer for Peaceful Families Project (PFP), you are expected to do the following:

1. Complete the full two days of training
2. Fulfill 3-5 training requests/year
3. Attend or assist at least one PFP event prior to representing PFP as a trainer. Additional shadow requests may be considered depending on the trainer. Exceptions may be made for highly qualified or experienced participants.

Registration: $350 (includes resources, meals and 2 days of session). All participants are responsible for lodging and travel. Limited scholarships are available on first come, first serve basis. E-mail for inquiries.
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