School and Youth Groups: Request a Virtual Visit to the Maryland General Assembly
INSTRUCTIONS: This request form please needs to be completed by the GROUP LEADER, the individual who will be the main point of contact with the Visitors Program AND who will be online with the group for any confirmed visit. Groups are typically a minimum of 10 people in size. Please enter the GROUP LEADER'S email address in the first blank below, complete the rest of the request form, and hit "submit." The "Virtual Visit Information Note for Group Leaders" (1-page PDF; downloadable) can be accessed with this link
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Email *
NOTE: First Name, Last Name--example: Lisa Jones; The email address above must be for the GROUP LEADER's name you enter here.
GROUP LEADER Cell Phone Number *
NOTE: Example: 222-333-4444
Group Name or School Name *
NOTE: Examples--Smith Elementary School; Girl Scout Troop 1111
Mailing Address for your Group or School
NOTE: If your group does not have a mailing address, please enter the GROUP LEADER'S mailing address below. Each part of the mailing address is a separate answer below: Street Address; Town or City; State; Zip Code.
Street Address *
NOTE: Example--15 Main Street
Town or City *
NOTE: Example--Middletown
State *
Zip Code *
Total Number of ADULTS in your Group *
Total Number of STUDENTS/YOUTH in your Group *
Grade Level(s) of the STUDENTS/YOUTH in your Group *
NOTE: If you have multiple grade levels in your group, check off each of those grade levels below.
Preferred Visit Date? *
NOTE: Visits may be requested for WEEKDAYS ONLY. Please use the calendar tool below to select your "first choice" visit date.
Preferred Time of Day? *
NOTE: The live, guided Virtual Visit can be a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 75 minutes, with 60 minutes being ideal.
Select a Virtual Meeting Platform for the Virtual Visit: *
NOTE: The Visitors Program prefers to host the Virtual Visit on its Zoom platform, if available for your preferred date and time. However, you can indicate below if you need to host the Virtual Visit on your Zoom, Google Meet, or MS Teams platform.
Why is your Group interested in visiting the Maryland General Assembly? *
Any Additional Comments?
NOTE: Please mention here any additional comments about your group's visit request such as if you absolutely need a specific start time; whether your group's members will participate from "one screen" (e.g., classroom  smartboard) or "multiple screens" (e.g., individual devices); and if any group members have special needs (e.g., hearing or sight disabilities).
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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