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1. The purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard with its missions except direct law enforcement and *
2. The Auxiliary Manual COMDTINST M 16790.1 (series) is best described as *
3. To be eligible for enrollment in the Auxiliary, an applicant must be a citizen of the United States, its territories, or possessions, and be *
4. Auxiliary communications should flow via *
5. An Auxiliarist can be disenrolled only *
6. The Privacy Act stipulates any roster of names and addresses of Auxiliary members shall not be made available to *
7. Within the Auxiliary, the term "chain of leadership and management" means between elected officers. *
8. Official Business Mail may not be used for *
9. The flotilla number 054-06-01 . . . *
10. When wearing the Tropical Blue uniform, the member may wear *
11. The proper titles for elected officers at the flotilla level are Flotilla Commander (FC) and *
12. Although the Auxiliary is non-military, members are expected to *
13. Subject to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulation, tax deductions may be claimed for *
14. The overall authority for Coast Guard Auxiliary administration is vested by law in the *
15. The Auxiliary Ensign (the Blue Ensign) may be displayed by *
16. The proper abbreviation for a Flotilla Staff Officer is *
17. The correct abbreviations for Division elected officers are *
18. The three levels of qualification in the Boat Crew Program are *
19. In transacting Auxiliary business, the two most important references are *
20. Auxiliary members have the right to *
21. Auxiliarists must NEVER wear an Auxiliary uniform when engaged in *
22. AUXDATA and AUXINFO can only be effective as management tools if: *
23. To be eligible for reimbursement for travel, an Auxiliarist must be traveling on reimbursable orders issued by *
24. The mission-oriented program which allows Auxiliarists to check recreational boats for safety compliance is the Vessel Safety Check (VSC). The flotilla staff officer who specializes in this activity is the *
25. The Winter Dress Blue uniform is authorized as a seasonal alternative for the *
26. The primary binding force which holds the Auxiliary together is *
27. The basic organizational unit in the Auxiliary is the *
28. While on Auxiliary patrol, under Coast Guard orders, you slip and injure your head and arm. You *
29. The Coast Guard Auxiliary/Civil Rights Counselor (CGAUX/CRC) *
30. Parallel staffing reflects a process similar to the Auxiliary chain of leadership and management, but it applies to *
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