2021 Strategic Planning Survey:
Help us envision the future of Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center! Please fill out and return this survey with the enclosed envelope. Your perspective is appreciated!
1. What is your age range? *
2. What is your ethnicity? *
3. Did you know that as a nonprofit organization, we have a mission: to provide public awareness, education, and enjoyment of the visual arts by promoting the works of Michigan artists? *
Not Aware
Very Aware
4. Strategically, we are seeking a new facility to achieve our mission. Please rank the following features or amenities that are important to you for us to achieve our mission. (ranked order) *
Open Studio Space
Classroom Space
Retail Gallery
Rotating exhibition space
Free Parking
Social/Lounge Area
Access to free wifi and technology
Easy access to public transit
Rentalable event space
Proximity to other cultural attractions
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
6th Choice
7th Choice
8th Choice
9th Choice
10th Choice
5. In what ways have you engaged with the Gallery? (pre- or - post pandemic?) (Select all that apply) *
6. In 2020 Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center provided opportunities for you to experience, learn, and engage with art that tells diverse stories. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
7. We believe arts access benefits individuals and our community and have recently shared our efforts on our website. Our organization offers an environment that is accessible, equitable, and inclusive. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
8. As a nonprofit, our wellbeing is heavily reliant on contributions of time, talent, and resources. In what way are you most likely to support Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center? (Select all that apply) *
9. If we were to launch a fundraising campaign for a new facility, what is the likelihood that you would participate? *
Highly Unlikely
Highly Likely
10. In response to your answer to question 9, if you are likely to participate, how much are you willing to give to a fundraising campaign for a new permanent facility? *
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