Bobetta's Halo 5 2v2 Tournament 8/24
Game: Halo 5
Format: 2v2 Double Elimination
Date: August 24th
Time: 4PM EST
$100 Guaranteed Prize Pool
$10 Buy-In -- PAY HERE ---->
100% Pay Out
Prize Pool Split dependent on the number of teams

Slayer: First to 25 kills wins
● Primary Weapon: Magnum
● Secondary Weapon: None
● Motion Sensor: On
○ Motion Sensor Inner Range: 60%
○ Motion Sensor Base Movement Speed Visibility: Off
● Score to win: 25
● Shield Percentage: 100%
● Round length: 12 minutes

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If you have paid, please DM @BobettaFetta screenshot for proof of purchase. If you have not paid, you are aware and agree that no proof of payment will make you ineligible to play. *
For full clarity, this event will start at 4PM EST. By signing below, you accept the terms of being disqualified or ineligible to play if you do not arrive on time for your matches and are not obligated to a refund. (Aka you need to sign this to play.) *
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